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Chalice_HighWe are a Disciples of Christ Christian church where members gather in friendship and grow in their faith. Our worship experience is spiritual and uplifting, and touches people on a personal level.

At Noelridge Christian Church you are part of a caring family. We welcome all into our home with open arms. We offer many opportunities to serve and become involved. We are a small church with big church faith.

If you are looking for a church home where you can seek answers to life, grow your relationship with God and feel a sense of belonging… we invite you to visit us.


  • Arts For Africa – Arts and Craft Fair Is Coming! Save the Date – Saturday, April 25 Arts and Craft Fair Shop from local artists and crafters, silent auction and more! Proceeds to benefit the Tumaini Junior School in Tanzania to help build more classrooms. Time: 10AM to 3PM Where: Noelridge Christian Church Event held rain or shine. Artists booths inside and out.

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Please join us this Sunday!

8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Sunday School Classes

9:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. Fellowship Time

9:45 a.m. Worship Service & Children’s Church

11:30 a.m. Lunch Bunch (at local Restaurant)

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7111 C Avenue NE (north of Boyson Road)
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Giving It Up!

Rev-Stu-01-webReverend Stew Royce, Senior Pastor, Noelridge Christian Church

Lent is our spiritual journey with Jesus during the last days of His life. Throughout this season of the church year, we meditate on His character, His teachings, and His sacrifice on the Cross. During His earthly ministry, Jesus said and did many wonderful things, and He challenges us to follow in His way.

The Lenten season is also a time when we are encouraged to practice the discipline of self-denial. This involves “giving up” something we enjoy as a way of keeping in mind the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. Some people will give up eating meat for Lent. Others give up sweets, or alcohol, or television. Here is a real Lenten challenge: Try giving up your cell phone for forty days!

These may be BIG things to us, but Rev. Craig Gates offers some other suggestions for our Lenten “sacrifices.” He says we could:

  • Give up grumbling! Instead, “In everything give thanks.” Constructive criticism is all right, but “moaning, grumbling and complaining are not Christian disciplines.
  • Give up 10 to 15 minutes in bed! Instead, use that time in prayer, Bible study, and personal devotion. A few minutes in prayer will keep you focused.
  • Give up looking at other people’s worst points. Instead, concentrate on their best points. We all have faults. It is a lot easier to have people overlook our shortcomings when we overlook theirs first.
  • Give up speaking unkindly. Instead, let your speech be generous and understanding. It costs so little to say something kind and uplifting. Why not check that sharp tongue at the door?
  • Give up your hatred of anyone or anything! Instead, learn the discipline of love. “Love covers a multitude of sins.”
  • Give up your worries and anxieties! Instead, trust God with them. Anxiety is spending emotional energy on something we can do nothing about; like tomorrow! Live today and let God’s grace be sufficient.
  • Give up television one night a week! Instead, visit some lonely or sick person. There are those who are isolated by illness or age. Give someone a precious gift–your time!
  • Give up buying anything but essentials for yourself! Instead, give the money to God. The money you would spend on the luxuries could help someone meet basic needs. We are called to be stewards of God’s riches, not consumers.
  • Give up judging by appearances and the standards of the world! Instead, learn to give yourself up to God. There is only one who has the right to judge, Jesus Christ.

Lent is a special time of prayer and reflection, of confession and self-sacrifice. Look within your heart, find something to sacrifice for Lent, and use it to think more of God. May our journey during Lent lead us to new life, new ministries, in service to the One who gave His all – Jesus Christ!

Blessings, Rev. Stew

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