NCCHistory1“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20″

Noelridge Christian Church was born at the end of the Baby-Boom era.

Founded in 1959, we worshiped at our former location at 727 Collins Road NE until November 1997, when we moved to our new location at 7111 C Avenue NE. The construction of our new building helped accommodate the growth of our congregation and the need for a facility that supports the many ministries we feel called to provide.

1955 – Idea of establishing a new Disciples of Christ Church on the NE side of Cedar Rapids was first conceived. Negotiations with Iowa Society began.

March 18, 1956 – A New Church Committee was set up by a joint meeting of board members from First Christian, Cedar Christian and Marion Christian churches.

July 1957  Purchase of site for new church by Iowa Society.

December 2, 1957 – The New Church Committee decided that the Church Expansion Director of Iowa Society, Reverend Marvin Gee, would be minister/director of program until the new church called a pastor.

November 24, 1958 – Decision to embark on $75,000 building fund program – $30,000 of which would come from the three area churches.

December 14, 1958 – “Name the Church Sunday.” Congregations of the three area churches submitted names for the new church. Noelridge Park Christian Church was chosen because of its close proximity to Noelridge Park.

April 17, 1959 – First congregational fellowship meeting in Community Room at City National Bank.

May 1959 – Noelridge Primary School accepted new church’s application to meet at the school on Sunday mornings.

September 13, 1959 – Individual commissioning services at each of the three area churches.

September 20, 1959 – The first worship service was held in the Noelridge Primary School.

February 28, 1960 – Marvin Gee and his family accepted the invitation to become the first full-time minister, effective September 1, 1960.

May 8, 1960 – Ground breaking for new building.NCCHistory2

March 5, 1961 – First worship service was held in new church building. 

March 19, 1961 – Dedication of the Noelridge Park Christian Church building.

September 13-14, 1969 – Noelridge Park Christian Church celebrated its 10th anniversary.

June, 1970 – Ground breaking ceremony for unit two, an educational wing.

November 22, 1970 – Dedication of west wing.

May 19, 1974 – Congregational approval to build a new sanctuary/classroom complex was given.

June 4, 1974 – Noelridge Park Christian Church issued permit to build by City of Cedar Rapids. Ground breaking for unit three shortly thereafter.

September, 1974 – 15th Anniversary of Noelridge Park Christian Church.

March 16, 1975 – First service in new sanctuary building (Unit Three).

May 18, 1975 – Dedication of unit three.

September 16, 1979 – Noelridge Park Christian Church’s 20th anniversary with burning of the mortgage.

September 22, 1984 – Noelridge Park Christian Church’s 25th Anniversary.

Autumn, 1984 – The cornerstone rock was set in place.

September 20, 1989 – Noelridge Park Christian Church’s 30th anniversary.

September 15, 1996 – Congregation approves floor plan for a new church building to be located at 7111 C Avenue NE.

October 16, 1994 – Ground claiming of property at the C Avenue site.Ground Claiming Service for Noelridge Christian Church, October 16, 1994.

April 20, 1997 – Ground breaking for the new church building, to be named “Noelridge Christian Church.”

November 23, 1997 – Last worship services at 727 Collins Road NE.

November 28-29, 1997 – Moving day.

November 30, 1997 – First worship service at 7111 C Avenue NE.

March 14-15, 1998 – Dedication Weekend for new church building.

September 19-20, 2009 – 50th anniversary celebration of Noelridge Park Christian Church/Noelridge Christian Church.