Cameron’s Corner – September

Staff Sullenberger Cameron WebCameron Sullenberger, Music Director, Noelridge Christian Church

Hello Noelridge Family,

I’m happy to start another fall with the choir and all the schedules that follow. Whatever the season, God has something very special planned for all of us.

Choir Dinner: September 2. Bring a friend at 6pm and be a part of something special in a new season.

Choir Begins: September 9 at 6:30.

Looking forward to every season with God by our side!

Seasons of the Soul by Greer/Dawson

Seasons of the soul

Come like seasons of the year

They quickly come and go

Leaving only memories here

Some are bright with joy

Some are drenched with tears

Relentlessly they roll with heaven as their goal


The seasons of the soul

Sometimes life is Spring

Faith in Christ has been reborn

The heart can’t help but sing praises to the risen Lord!

Then Summertime appears

Days of sun and storm

It’s time for faith to grow until green turns to gold

The seasons of the soul


And Autumn is the season for harvest

That marvelous reason for gratitude

But uses us just as He promised

To bring forth the crop of remaining fruit


Winter’s bitter wind

Ushers in the soul’s dark night

Struggles of sin

Chill the heart and dims God’s light

But seasons always pass

Like snowy winter white

Relentlessly they roll with heaven as their goal

The seasons of the soul

Relentlessly they roll

But God is in control in every season of the soul


Yours in Christ,

Cameron Sullenberger, Music Director