Thanksgiving Thoughts

Piper-Denise-web-02-2012Denise Piper, Parish Nurse, Noelridge Christian Church

Somewhere between Halloween and Christmas is a Thursday holiday that has almost been forgotten by many American families… Thanksgiving. If you look up and down the aisles of your local discount store, you might find a few Thanksgiving cards, decorations, and even a turkey platter or two.

Historically, Thanksgiving has been a day for families to be together. Before the well-prepared meal was shared, the family patriarch said a heartfelt prayer of blessing for the food and for the family and friends gathered to share the bounty. Conversation spoke of gratitude for their many gifts from God. Those gifts might include the gift of a good harvest, and the gift of a good garden with many jars of canned fruits and vegetables lining the pantry shelves. Thankfulness was spoken for the gifts of close family and friends, and healthy, though often rambunctious children. There were the sounds of laughter that happiness brought.

Fast forward to 2015. Family and friends often gather, food is plentiful… and conversation may be limited. Each may have brought his or her own electronics. They are playing games, checking their “mail”, posting comments, and often texting someone across the same room. The television is on. Some may be watching the Macy’s parade, talking about football, and all meals must flex around the time of the favored game! Then… after quickly consuming the meal and not finding sufficient space in the refrigerator for the leftovers, we plan to “eat again soon!” We look forward to opening the heavy newspaper filled with ads describing the offers and sales that lure us into Black Friday. It is the best shopping day of the year, you know. We make lists of “must have” items, and a plan of attack is agreed upon. Look at the bargains we’ll buy! We are up before dawn and we are ready for “The Day.”

This year, perhaps we could share a portion of our Thanksgiving Day with our Heavenly Father by beginning our meal with a sincere prayer of thanks. Then read a portion of scripture such as Psalm 100, Colossians chapter 3 verses 15-17, or one of your choosing. May our dinnertime conversation include the sharing of those things for which we are most thankful.

And may this November 26, 2015 be truly…

Thanksgiving Day!