The Ministry Challenge!

Rev-Stu-01-webStew Royce, Senior Pastor, Noelridge Christian Church

There is a famous story told about the conductor of a great symphony orchestra who stopped the music in the middle of a rehearsal. He had missed hearing the notes of a musician in the back row. The bell-ringer was supposed to have rung three notes, but didn’t because he thought his instrument was insignificant. This musician was comparing what he played to the flutes, cellos, and violins. “I miss the three notes of the bell-ringer,” said the conductor. “When those particular notes are not sounded, there is something lacking in the harmony of the music.”

A conductor knows that when one of the musical notes is not played at the right time, the whole performance suffers. The talents of each member of the orchestra are necessary for a piece of beautiful music to be heard.

The same principle applies to the church, as every member has something unique and special to offer. In the church, like an orchestra, we must blend all of our talents together into a common effort.

We are instructed in 1 Peter 4:10: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others ..”

We all have different interests, skills, and abilities and there is a reason for that. Our Lord has provided this congregation with everything we need to serve Him effectively. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, our church has many ministry opportunities and God is calling each of us to get involved!

All of us have a part to play in furthering the work of Noelridge. No task is too small or unimportant. Look at your skills and abilities. Then, pick a job where you can contribute to the spiritual life and growth of our congregation. As you prayerfully consider where God may be calling you to serve, the following list may help generate some ideas.

Ministry Opportunities

Church Office

  • Answer telephones
  • Mail letters
  • Enter information into the computer
  • Prepare bulletins

Prayer & Care

  • Hospital Ministry – visit people in the hospital for prayer and encouragement
  • Post-Hospital Ministry – visit people in their homes after a hospital stay
  • Cheer Givers – visit our homebound and nursing home members for prayer
  • Card Ministry – prepare birthday and anniversary cards to be mailed
  • Bereavement Ministry – visit and keep in contact with individuals and families after the death of a loved one
  • Providing Transportation – Give rides to church and doctor visits for those unable to drive
  • Prayer Ministry – Attend weekly meetings at church, held on Wednesday afternoons 4 – 5pm and Thursday mornings 10-11am
  • Prayer Planning Ministry – Organize prayer vigils and other special prayer events

Children/Youth Ministries/Christian Education

  • Nursery – Provide care for infants during Sunday worship and special services
  • Children’s Church – Teach or assist in class during Sunday Worship
  • Teachers – For elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Youth Group Leaders & Assistants – Lead youth group studies and activities for teens
  • Adult Bible Leaders – Teach Bible Study classes

Outreach Ministries

  • Food Court – help prepare and serve meals on
  • Wednesday evenings
  • Saturday Evening Meal Program (SEMP) – donate desserts or volunteer time helping feed the homeless
  • Christmas Gift Tree – organize gift trees and encourage members to purchase gifts for families in need
  • Food Baskets – organize food purchases and donations for needy families at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
  • Greeter Ministry – make phone calls to visitors attending Sunday Worship

 Worship Ministries

  • Chancel Choir & Praise Team – Rehearse on Wednesday evenings and sing during Sunday morning services and special services
  • Sound/Video Technician – train to run sound and video equipment during worship services, weddings, and special productions

Property Ministries

  • Carpentry – do repair work on the church facility or complete other small projects
  • Decorating – paint and decorate the church for special occasions
  • General Maintenance – do routine jobs like cutting grass or shoveling snow
  • Grounds Maintenance – pull weeds, trim edges and shrubs, and keep the grounds attractive

Our church has many ministry opportunities and we want you to be sharing your talents, gifts, and abilities. You and I have been called to ministry with our Lord Jesus Christ. What an honor and a privilege!

As we take a step of faith and begin serving in new ministries, God can use us in exciting ways. We serve a great and wonderful Savior who wants to accomplish amazing things through us!

Blessings, Rev. Stew