“Let marriage be held in honor among all…” -Hebrews 13:4

A spiritual place. A beautiful day.

Noelridge Christian Church offers beautiful and spiritual surroundings for your wedding day. Our sanctuary provides a lovely setting for the wedding ceremony. To assist you in the planning of your special day is our wedding team, including Rev. Stew Royce (minister), Elizabeth Blocksome and Brittany Kerns (wedding coordinators), John Alexander and Kevin Spangelo (audio/visual technicians), Carma Lou Beck (organist) and Jealee Weber (custodian).


Please download the three documents below, fill out the forms and return to the church office.


The following rates will be in effect as of August 2014. The church will be available for decorating and picture-taking 3 hours before and 1 hour after the wedding.

A $200 refundable deposit is required when the wedding is booked and confirmed. (Example – deposit may not be refunded in the event of church property damage or if excessive clean-up is necessary)

  • Sanctuary – $300
  • Noelridge Christian Church Minister – $250
  • Noelridge Christian Church Organist – $200*
  • A/V Technician – $125
  • Custodian – $125
  • Wedding Coordinator – $200

*There will EITHER be a $200 fee for utilizing the Noelridge Christian Church Organist/Pianist OR a $75 fee for utilizing an outside musician. You will not be charged both fees!

Please note that the use of an outside Officiant must be approved BEFORE your wedding will be placed on the church calendar. For approval, we will need proof of ordination and license to marry in the state of Iowa for your Officiant.

All services provided by outside vendors, pastors, and/or musicians are the responsibility of the couple and payment is made and negotiated directly with them.

Noelridge Christian Church is available for your rehearsal and wedding. This includes all public-use areas and non-cooking kitchen use. Noelridge Christian Church is not available for rehearsal dinners or receptions.


When you have a date selected for your wedding, call the church. The administrative assistant will help you book your wedding. Dates need to be cleared with the church office. It is best to book your wedding at least 90 days in advance. No public  announcement should be made before your date has been booked and confirmed.


All couples being married by a minister of Noelridge Christian Church are required to meet twice for pre-marital counseling. Additional appointments may be scheduled as needed. The order of service will also discussed at this time. Contact the church administrative assistant to set your appointments with the minister.


The Noelridge Christian Church wedding coordinator must be consulted for all weddings. The wedding coordinator will be available before the wedding to help coordinate your ceremony and will be present at your scheduled event. Our wedding coordinators are knowledgeable and experienced in helping prepare for a wedding here at Noelridge Christian Church.